update: Dec. 29/02

This is our last entry from home- I thought we might try to update the site from a cybercafe here in Toronto, but that is not going to happen. Our next entry will be made from Hawaii!
Just wanted to report on our last Shabbat in Toronto- our whole family had an aliyah where we recited Tefilat Haderech- Noam read the Aliyah (beautifully). In the aliyah Moshe is placed in a 'teivah' - and remarkably- Noam's first time reading Torah also included the 'teivah' of Noah. In both cases, we have precious cargo in a vessel that is rudderless- and guided by God. It struck me how fitting this image of the 'teivah' is for us as we embark on our journey. As we travel, we pray that we are guided by God, and protected from both the natural elements (as in the Noah narrative) and human elements (as in the Exodus story).